Introducing the all-new Federal Xplora A/P

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The all-new Xplora A/P is your ideal all-terrain tire for SUV’s and light trucks. It has the perfect combination of both on/off-road handling, durability and quiet rides.

So, whats so special about this tyre?

-The A/P’s next-gen compounds help improve durability and longevity while stone ejectors prevent sharp stones from attaching to the tire’s tread surface and penetrating the tire structure.

-Four main grooves with straight and jagged designs and slanted lateral grooves effectively disperse water for improved wet traction.

-Optimized contact patch with centralized biting sipes not only improves driving comfort, but also increases tire rigidity, steering stability, and water dispersion.

-Tie bar in shoulder areas reduces noise for comfortable rides at high speed.

What our customers say

"Competing in the most extreme offroad events requires a tyre that is aggressive and performs well in all conditions. The Federal Couragia MT is now the tyre of choice for most competitors in NZ 4×4 Trials. I wouldn’t use anything else!"
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"The Couragia M/T exceeded my expectations, excellent control and reliable. "
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"The Couragia M/T is the best value 4WD tyres I've ever had."
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"Fantastic tyres, really get the millage out of my Formozas."
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"The only tyre recommended by Japan's "Godfather of Drift"."
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Daijiro Inada's

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