Federal gets into a Tailspin with Street Machine Legend


Federal Tyres is bringing motorsport performance to street machines restored by legend Howard Astill. The latest ‘Tailspin’ project is a work in progress with owners Adam and Kylie Perry:

“Tailspin is a back to front FB Holden coupe inspired by the 1993 drawing of Steve Vesperman. The car is being built in a home garage by Adam and Kylie Perry with the assistance and advice of Howard Astill.

We approached Street Machining legend Howard Astill at Motorex 2011 for assistance with the project.

While the concept is simple in theory it is much harder in practice. We are grafting the rear guards on the front and vice versa plus adding the roofline from an R33 Skyline. The Skyline roof fits onto the FB surprisingly well given the 36 year age gap between the 2 cars. We have been able to graft the Skyline roof, pillars and plenum to the FB meaning all the glass, wiper geometry and door internals are standard Skyline.

You can follow Tailspin’s progress at www.facebook.com/groups/Tail.Spin.Project/

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